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If you have used the oral contraceptive Yaz and suffered a blood clot, stroke, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism, it is crucial to speak with a Yaz Lawyer as soon as possible to learn about your legal right to recover for the damages to your health.

A qualified lawyer can help you file a claim and receive a settlement to cover your medical expenses, future treatment, pain and lost time. However, you may only have a limited time to take legal action.

Studies conclude that the active ingredient in Yaz, drospirenone, can increase potassium levels in the bloodstream and raise the risk of developing blood clots and other serious conditions by up to 75%.

Unfortunately, millions of women have taken Yaz without proper warning of the health risks from the manufacturer, Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Lawyers have helped thousands of those affected with serious conditions file a lawsuit for their damages and some have already received a settlement.

If you developed a blood clot, stroke, pulmonary embolism or DVT after taking Yaz, contact us today to speak with a Yaz lawyer about your legal rights. It costs nothing to speak with a lawyer or file a claim.

Reports indicate more than 6,000 people have filed a lawsuit for an injury caused by Yaz. The manufacturer, Bayer, has now started settling some of these cases. A Yaz lawyer can let you know if your case qualifies, how much it may be worth, and how long you have to take action.

Researchers in the United States and Europe have concluded that drugs like Yaz can increase the risk of blood clots, which can cause strokes, DVT, heart attacks and pulmonary embolism.

After receiving numerous reports of injury or death by Yaz patients, the FDA sponsored a study of more than 800,000 women taking contraceptive pills in the United States. This showed that drugs like Yaz could increase the risk of blood clots by as much as 75%.

In 2009, The British Medical Journal released studies from scientists in Denmark and the Netherlands that showed drugs like Yaz can significantly increase the risk of blood clots.

A Yaz lawyer will explain the evidential support that links the drug to serious health concerns and how Bayer will continue to earn billions selling it regardless of the dangers. They can also file a claim at no cost to you.

Defective drug lawsuits like this can be very complex. It is important to find a lawyer that is qualified for this type of case, has experience fighting drug companies and has the necessary resources to finish the case in your favor.

The Yaz Risks Center only recommends lawyers and law firms that have already settled Yaz lawsuits.

Contact us today for more information about the side effects of Yaz and your legal options. We are available 24 hours a day to answer questions and provide help.


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