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Yaz Class Action Lawsuit

Yaz and Yasmin were popular birth control choices for women all over the world in the past decade. Unfortunately, reports now suggest these drugs may increase the risk of serious conditions like blood clots, stroke, DVT or pulmonary embolism.

Following FDA warnings, news reports and major studies linking Yaz to harmful side effects, many of the women injured have contacted an attorney to learn about a class action lawsuit against Yaz.

Those who took Yaz and suffered a blood clot-related injury such as stroke or pulmonary embolism may be entitled to compensation. However, there is currently no Yaz class action lawsuit.

Rather than combining the cases of those injured into a Yaz class action suit, the lawsuits are being filed individually. So far, nearly 10,000 of these cases have been filed against Bayer, the maker of Yaz. Experts believe this may give victims an advantage.

Although a class action suit can help a large group of people who have suffered a moderate loss obtain more combined legal influence, a class action lawsuit Yaz is not necessary since most of the women injured by the drug have significant damages.

If you have suffered a blood clot, stroke, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism after taking Yaz, contact us today to speak with an attorney. You may be entitled to substantial compensation not available under a Yas class action suit.

The majority of Yaz lawsuits filed to date have been consolidated into a Federal Multi-District Litigation court in Illinois. An MDL court can be better for victims than a class action lawsuit against Yaz since each case can be pursued and compensated on its own, resulting in a greater recovery for those injured.

Now that Bayer must defend thousands of individual suits instead of one Yaz class action lawsuit, the company has started settling some of the cases with top law firms. While those just discovering their Yaz injury can still file a claim, it is important to choose the right attorney to recover.

An attorney can explain the research showing Yaz can cause severe blood clot-related conditions, and also how Bayer has continued to earn billions selling the drug to women despite knowing the dangers.

Attorneys have helped thousands of those affected by Yaz side effects seek recovery and are among the few who have already settled cases for their clients. These same attorneys can answer questions today about whether you have a case and how long you have to act.

Lawsuits for defective drug injuries can be challenging legal matters. Make sure you only trust an attorney who is qualified for this type of case, has experience fighting large drug companies and has the resources necessary to finish your case.

The Yaz Risks Center only recommends lawyers and law firms that have already settled Yaz lawsuits.

Contact us if you have questions about your legal rights under a class action lawsuit Yaz. We are available 24 hours a day to answer questions and provide help.

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