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Over $150 Million Collected for Plantiffs in 2011


Date posted: 4/18/2012

After years of denying that its popular oral contraceptives Yaz and Yasmin post health risks to women, reports indicate Bayer is now willing to pay heavily to settle some of the thousands of lawsuits over the drugs. However, only certain lawyers will get money for their clients.
Court records show nearly 11,000 Yaz lawsuits have been filed by women or families alleging the drugs caused blood clots, Deep Vein Thrombosis, stroke or Pulmonary Embolism.
Soon after the drugs were released, reports poured in of serious injury or death from blood clot related conditions. In 2009, The British Medical Journal reported two European studies linking the drugs to blood clots, and an FDA study released in 2011 tied them to a 75% increase in blood clot risks.
With the first Yaz lawsuit scheduled to begin this past January, a federal judge postponed the trials to give Bayer a chance to settle with victims. Now, Bloomberg News is reporting that the company has offered to pay $110 million to settle the first 500 cases, or roughly $220,000 each.
This is the second report of Yaz lawsuit settlements. In February, Bayer’s annual report stated that 70 of the cases had already been resolved for an undisclosed amount. The drug earns Bayer almost $1.5 billion each year.
It is unknown which cases are being settled, how much is being paid for each specific case, and whether the plaintiffs have accepted the latest offer. However, Yaz lawsuits will likely only settle with certain highly qualified law firms who have significant influence in the litigation.
The Yaz Center works with only the most qualified Yaz lawyers who are among the few firms settling Yaz cases. Contact us today to discuss your case.

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